17 May 2007

What do you do with all that Rhubarb?

Yesterday after going to the bank I stopped by the market and picked up two cans of pineapple (I got the chunk kind, shoulda got the crushed variety). Went home cut up some stalks of rhubarb, poured in the can of rhubarb (actually #2 poured it in) then let the mixture sit overnight in the frig. This morning I put the mixture in a pot, turned the over to medium heat and stewed it for about 25 minutes (till the rhubarb fell apart). After my bowl of granola I treated myself to a cup of the rhubarb/pineapple.

Well, no need for coffee this morning - the rush of tartness jolted my teeth and woke me up. Sure, I'll have it tomorrow. #1 liked, the first lady didnt care for it too much.

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