05 May 2007

No Clever Title

Coffee: Narragansett Blend from Coffee Exchange.

Baking: Bake two Derby Pies (one with Rye Whiskey, one without - one for the house one for the concert). I know Bourbon, but I like the liveliness of Rye.

T-Ball: game #3. I have unofficially evolved into the parent who stands at second base letting the kids know where 2nd base is and to remind them to go onto third. The coach went and made hats for the players; i'll give him some honey today as thanks.

Garden: need to thin down the tomato plants. They are at the second leaf stage.

Reading: Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone by Deborah Madison. I think this is the best one volume vegetarian cookbook on the market. We have been checking it out forever, then finally bought it from Overstock.com for a good price and small shipping.

Listening: Daddy Raised a Boy by Scott Miller and the Commonwealth.

Sermon: On Worship, why we do it, the promise of it and what can happen.

The House: Is under contract and will be sold by June 4th, if all goes well.

Big Excitement: Bulldozer across the street landscaping the new lot!

Tonight: Concert at Church, third of the series - will be a sell out with probably over 125 in attendance.

Commercial Rip Off: Over 3,400 dead
Over 25,000 wounded
Over 100,000 civilians dead
Country in massive debt
Energy policy with no future
Great Distrust of Politicians

The Price of being Stubborn and refusing to admit a mistake: Priceless.

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