07 May 2007

Let Your Garden Grow

Rhubarb, out of control.
You can order asparagus roots and plant them. Or you can grow them from seed (adds a year to the process). I ordered a 100 seeds a few years back and planted them in a seed bed. Then a kid (not one of ours) stepped on them, then once they made it to the garden the bunnies and deer ate them. This is all I have left:
I was able to till up the garden beds. I am especially proud of the first one. It is perfect, ages manure, peat moss, and organic material. It is so fluffy and soft I dont even want to plant anything in it.#2 helped me put some wild cherry limbs in the ground for the peas to vine around.I went out to the hive and added the super. The bees are crazy this time. Wow.You may see this field of dandelions as a nucance, but I dont. One, the pilgrims brought them over as a green. But to me they are colorful and bees love 'em. People often ask me what type of flowers should they plant for the bees. I tell them dandelions. Bees are lazy, they like to get the greatest amount of nectar with the least amount of effort.Finally, while walking around the hive I noticed the emergence of Jack In the Pulpits. What a wildflower to be growing in the parsonage yard...

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