08 May 2007

From the Not a Clue Department

This weekend I gave someone some honey in thanks for a favor. #1 gave it to the husband, she told him what it was and he asked if she made it. Then I explained to the wife who was sitting near us that if the honey crystallizes just stick it in the microwave. She held the jar up to her cheek and commented that it was still warm (as if it had just come out of the oven). Oh brother. Amazing that folk dont know where the food comes from or how it is made.

now a story from a few years ago...After the professor's prolegomenon for the Intro to Biblical Literature class he opened the class to ask him anything they wanted to about the bible. One dude on my dorm floor, his parents were successful lawyers and influential WV Democrats in the Caperton administration, raised his hand and asked where it was in the bible that said it is easier for an eagle to go through the eye of a moose....

and now a story on me. This morning I read this headline from the BBC news.
Later, the traditional "Kirking" of the Scottish Parliament is to take place at St Giles' Cathedral in Edinburgh with Prince Charles in attendance.

I haven't a clue what that means, not for sure i want to know either.

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LadyBurg said...

Its just bringing in the tartan. No worries. Clean fun. Well, if parading tartans around the sanctuary can be considered fun. I've been to one and well, not so much.