05 October 2006

Perhaps Games are Legit

I have always thought that most football games, from high school to
pro, have predetermined winners. Take the 1991 lost to Milton. We had a
10-7 lead with less than a minute to go and Milton was moving toward
the end zone. As the clock ran out and the whistled blew declaring an end to the game the Milton team snapped the ball, the quarterback
took the snap and handed it off to the fullback, the fullback ran
toward the line of scrimmage and was picked up by the halfback and the
tumbled into the end zone , scored the winning touchdown. The loss gave
us a 7-3 record and a dismal ranking for the playoffs. As the refs ran
off the field, a now medical doctor in South Carolina, ran parallel to
them with two middle fingers shouting expeltives to them. (That
doctor is now an outstanding member of his church, father of two girls
and I can imagine a fine doctor.)

But the events of last night when Marshall lost to UCF 22-23 made me reconsider the legitimacy of the sport. This was Marshall's first CUSA game of the year, nationally televised on ESPN2, Matthew McConaughey
on the sidelines, special viewing of the movie, We Are Marshall, at
halftime and the Budweiser Clydesdales you cant lose a game with all of that going on. But they did!

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