19 October 2006

The Honey House

Unlike the scene from The Secret Lives of Bees, my honey house is an area designated in the garage. I call it the Honey House for dramatic effect, #1 and #2 are too literal to get my metaphorical/playful use of language just yet.

I harvested the honey. How do you do that? Well you get the supers off the beehive, then take them inside. When you are ready you get your hot knife (a large flat knife that plugs in the wall) and cut the wax off the top of the comb. The bees store the wax for food in the comb then top it off with wax. Then you place the super frames in an extractor (I rent the hand cranked model from the RI Beekeepers) the honey is flung out by centrifigual force. At the bottom on the extractor is a spigot, open it up and the honey flows into a bucket (I buy the five gallon ones from Home Depot, on top of that put a nylon paint strainer) Let the honey, pollen and other bee related stuff flow through, then sterilize some jars and put store the honey.

How much this year? Dont know, about 2 gallons - it was a weak year for honey.

In just the past couple of days NPR has run three segments on beekeeping. Go here to check them out.

West Virginias in the news.
Bad news, Kevin Pittsnogle was reported this morning to be on the chopping block of the Boston Celtics.
Good News, furniture maker, James Probust has an item in the Personal Shopper section of House and Style in this morning NYTimes.

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