12 October 2006

Creation Care

Last night's Moyers on America program on PBS asked the question Is
God Green?
I watched the show with some trepidation because I
read that part of the show would focus onMTR (Mountain Top Removal) in
West Virginia. It was with great delight to hear the enthusiasm
expressed by the evangelical community'snew found commitment for the
environment. I have always thought they would make better stewards of
the earth than most liberals. Why? Simple, a goal of evangelical
religion is the conversion of souls, people whodont have to worry about
the air they breathe, the water they drink and the earth their food
comes from are in a better spot to consider conversion, thus the an
imperative for environmental stewardship. Also, if the earth is a
better place to live and will be secure for future generations then
there will be future Christians. Simple logic if you ask me.

Moyers, when he produced NOW did a wonderful piece on MTR in WV. Click here to read the transcript.

Links worth exploring:

West Virginia Highlands Conservancy
Christians for the Mountains
Ohio Valley Environmental Council

Any of these organizations have great links and resources to inform you on the current mountain tragedy.

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