29 April 2006

Tidbits from the Past Couple of Weeks

Holidays -- being a pastor ruins holidays; Easter, Xmas, and the rest are major work days. Uggh. I am glad Easter is over. There is still great hope for Pentecost, luckily marketers and families haven't realized the potentiality of this day.

After Easter I went to Rochester for an Alumni/ae Executive Council Meeting (more about this later). We had reservations at a Residence Inn, we were supposed to have two beds and a non-smoking room; we had one bed with cigar reek. So while I went to the front desk the family stayed by the first room guarding our stuff. When I came back the wife and the boy were outside but the girl stayed inside. I asked why? She said because there was a wild animal outside. What? Yes, a baby lion she said. The wife pointed out a mangy old yellow and white cat. In Providence a kitty; in Rochester baby animal. Oh well.

Proof that there the world is not founded on justice. More than anything I would like to grow a beard, but I cant. However, my nose hairs grow at such a rapid and thickening rate that they are almost out of my control. Justice? No way.

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