06 April 2006

Why I am a Pastor, at least a couple of the reasons

As you know already the position of pastor does not register high on the well paid categories of Forbes or Money magazines. However, there are some fringe benefits which seem to almost ameliorate the low pay. Lemme give you a couple of opiate examples.

The other day we arrived home from a day of errands to find this box on our doorstep

It was a box of fresh Florida oranges. They beat anything you can get at the market by a mile. We made fresh juice ate them whole and had a wonderful time (still are actually) partaking.

A couple of weeks ago I initiated an experiment on the power and influence of the church. I have almost officially fallen to addiction of Dunkin Donuts. What keeps me from getting on the wagon? They dont have a chocolate coated old fashioned. So I called up DD and asked how one solicts a new donut idea, response: you dont. They do not take solicitations. Okay I thought, I will use the power of influence and persuasion: I will, via email, ask church members to write letters to DD demanding a chocolate topped old fashioned. Within minutes I received recommendations of better donut facilities that carry exactly what i was looking for. One in particular was some 40 miles away. Two days later a man from the church arrived with a white waxy coated type bag from the far away destination of donut ecstasy with three of these in it:

I am sure other professions get this type of treatment, but I like to think they dont. These small blessings sometimes get me, or me and the wife and kids, through the day.

I still believe that if you truly love people it will gradually wear down their numbness and translate into genuine acts of kindness, mercy and justice.


Mrs. Popping Culture said...

One time, Danny went to visit an elderly couple who were both having some health problems. When he came home, he brought with him from the couple some sandwiches, salad, and dessert. They had even bought us a gift recently and sent that, too.

Hawk said...

Yesterday, I came into my office to find a package of beef jerky from Bourgeous Meat Market in Thibodaux sitting on my desk. A parishioner was down there and remembered I liked it and picked some up for me. It's the best jerky in the world.

Barefoot Guy said...

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