18 April 2006

Creative Donut Adventures

The other day while going to the VA to visit a church member I needed a cup of coffee. I stopped by the old DD in Warren only to find 10 cars in the line, I backed out and went on down the road. As I made a few turns to get onto Metacom Ave. I noticed this place:

Now from the outside this looks like your average donut shop, uh-huh! I walked in and looked at the menu, all your regular items donuts, coffee, juice and get this: cigarettes @ $6.40 a pack. Coffee and cigarettes, they go together but cigarettes and donuts? I dunno bout that one.

By the way, our VA homes and hospitals are a joke. I may be a pacifist, but anyone who is willing to sacrifice their lives for this country at least deserves the best care available.

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