05 April 2006

Life Lessons from Billy Donovan

Monday night after an exhausting deacon's meeting I came home, had some ice cream, watched the end of the first half of the NCAA championship game, then went to bed. After WVU lost I really didnt have much interest in the tournament. I did, however, have a slight connection to Florida: the coach Billy Donnovan.

One day my buddy Ole Philsy and I were walking through the basketball coaches offices as a shortcut to the racquetball courts. Standing outside the offices were Billy Donnovan and John Pelphrey. O.P. was a crazy UK fan and immediately knew who they were, me no clue. Later on that day we saw on the news that Billy the Kid was going to be MU's new bball coach.

This brings me to my life lesson. During the course of his two years as the coach I went to several bball games. The life lesson involved one game in particular, against who I cant remember. I remember the Henderson Center being very hot and rowdy; it was a close game. During the second half I noticed that the dapper dressed coach wore a blue dress shirt with cuff links that was well startched. I was impressed by this at the beginning of the game but by midway of the second half the shirt was drenched with sweat, coming from pores I didnt know men possessed. I left with a life lesson: on hot days, or steamy meetings always wear a white dress shirt.

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