31 March 2006

Looks do Count

Today two events happened that solidified, for me, the age old truth that looks do count and matter.

First, this morning I received a call that a parishoner was in the hospital. I cleaned up, put my black suit and tab collar shirt on and went to the hospital. Note for this story: Rhode Island is 60% RCC. I approached the front door of the hospital, security guard opened the door for me and said hello father. Before I even arrived to the main desk to inquire the room number of the patient the gal already had my parking validation sticker ready. Looks count? A normal trip to this hospital, when I wear a business suit, is the exact opposite. No one opens the door and the folk at the front desk ask to see credentials. When in Rome (RI), dress as the Romans, Catholics that is, do!

Second, being the start of Spring it is time for the annual father and son trip to the barber for a buzz cut. The boy really looks cute. When we got home the wife tells me how her tolerance level for the boy severely drops when the boy has a buzz cut; she says he transforms from a cute mop top toddler to a mean little thing.

Looks do count.

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