18 March 2006

Adventures in Marriage

The other night the wife and I were having a constructive conversation on who has changed the most during our 8 year marriage. Of course we thought the other had changed more. I described how I think I am a better person because of the wife. She responded that she is a more "tolerant."

Today a local photographer is taking the church's picture for the pictorial directory. We decided to wear our Easter outfits, she matches the girl and I match the boy. The girl picked out the skirts and tops at Old Navy, the boy picked out the material for the bowtie at Joann Fabrics. (the only problem is that the boy's favorite color right now is light blue, he picked out a light sea green blue.) Jump forward to this afternoon. The wife made my bowtie first, I tried it on. I looked like someone applying for Clown College, or as the wife said something Mickey Mouse would wear. Now here is the kicker, the wife knew all along I looked foolish and she tried to make me feel guilty for not wearing it.

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