14 March 2006

Comfort's Comin'

Soon and very soon we are Spring will come to New England; this weekend we had a foretaste of glory - two sunny and 60 degree days. A crocus bloomed, something green sprouted near our tulips and the bees were out - that's right the bees were out. I had high hopes that they survived the winter and they did. All weekend and yesterday they were out gathering pollen, scouting out stuff and flying around. It was beautiful to see them.

Now I am starting seeds, made my own mix this year of peat moss, vermiculite and perlite, easy to do and better than commercial stuff. The last of the seeds from Cooks Garden will hopefully be in this week. Later on i'll list all my order.

I am also planning the chicken coop and breed of chickens for late spring. Busy time at the parsonage mini farm.

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