09 March 2006

Due to 1st quarter spiritual growth reports worship takes a 25% cut

About every two weeks or so I go out for coffee with a church member to receive his critique of how things are going at the church. this individual isnt an influential member, on a board or anything - I just happen to like his honesty and approach.

So our discussions have centered on simpligying worship to its essence. Can a worship service be cut back to its essence? I have yet to find what i find as the essence of worship. But I do agree that in worship we were trying to do too many things. So I cut arranged and came up with this:

Sentences from Scripture
Confession of Sins
Prayer for Pardon
The Lord's Prayer
First Lesson
Second Lesson
Lenten Hymn (Make Me a Channel of Your Peace)
The Prayers and the Peace
Prayer Response adaptation of Turn to Me by John Foley, S.J.
Turn to me O Turn and be saved, says the Lord, for I am God;
There is no other, none beside me.
I call your name.
At the Offertory
Doxology No Alleluias in Lent so we have Praise to You by Jennifer L. Anstey
Praise to you, glory and praise;
Lord Jesus Christ!
Praise and honor to the Word of God,
Lord Jesus Christ!

Prayer of Dedication

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