05 April 2006


Recently my reading and thinking have been swiriling around the topic of evangelism; if mainliners are ever going to bounce back with any kind of vitality and health we have to do a better job of evangelism. The evangelism here at the L. R. Baptist seems to be going well; last year we had 13 new members and look to have possibly another 11 after Easter. The new members are folk from other churches either dissatisfied, moved to the area or who knows, a reshuffling of the saints so to speak. The church seems very happy to continue this style of evangelism: the stumble on in approach. I would like to see us take a more strategic approach to attract younger folk.

When I came here I had visions and dreams of creating a place for folk under 40 but instead the exact opposite is true: since i've been here the median age has rose not dropped. All of our new members are boomers +. Oh well, see the ball, hit the ball.

I am going to try and get a basketball goal put up in the parking lot this summer. If so, I guarentee to start and build a youth group that way. For the record I am terrible at basketball but enjoying playing. I am hoping that my size will intimidate the junior highers into thinking I can actually play. Stay posted.

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Pastoral Team said...

So, tell me this...What is the mean age of the town you are in? I am no sociologist or demographics guru, but the place where I am looking to serve has a similar problem. But it is easily explained when you notice the aging of the community in general. Why are there few 20-somethings? Well, because there are none in the community.

I dunno. I am puzzling through this as well.