03 May 2006

Gardening Notes

An unusual warm Spring here in New England, the warmth makes me think that I am late on my seeds.

So far I have planted 3.5 lbs of red and white onions, some beets (detroit red and bulls blood) and carrots (touchon, thats right the really bizarre ones), strawberries, peas (which the rabbits have munched down) and some spinach (again the rabbits).

The window sills are full of tomato and flowering plants. Luckily the kids have stayed out of them this year.

the bees, I have no idea what is going on with them. One day they are all over the place, the next no sign of them. I hope they are doing okay and will start to flourish when it gets warmer.

The latest news item states that the soda companies with quit selling soft drinks in elementary school. What is wrong with only serving water?

I love water, it has a proven track record, and folk seem to be willing to go to war for it.

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