08 May 2006

In the Ground

Today I wrapped up some planting before Memorial Day, Saturday we go on vacation.

Planted 12.5lbs of Russet Potatoes. They are fantastic, they store forever, and if you cut the small ones in half (lengthwise) scoop them out a little, place some coldy jack cheese and bacon on them and bake 'em at 475 for 10-15 minutes you have yourself some of the best potato skins in the world. Double them with some ranch dressing, and hot pepper sauce (I like to put the ranch dressing in a circle with a hole in the middle to fill with the hot sauce) and a cold beer - mild heaven.

Planted .5lb Walla Walla Onions, sweet onions with good flavor.

Planted the seed potatoes I had left over from last year, mainly purple, red and some green mountain white varities.

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