26 May 2006

Learning a New Language

This week I received word that my father more than likely, 90% sure from the doc, has esophegal cancer. This Friday the results from the biopsy come.

You would think that being a pastor I would have some resources for this kind of news, I didnt. I couldnt get over my own need for a pastoral presence, not my own but the real need for a pastor. I always thought it was peculair when folk wanted me to come to the hospital and have prayer with them, now I understand their need.

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Pastoral Team said...


This is horrible news. I am sorry to hear it...and can relate to your lonliness in all this.

Please use the chaplains at the hospital. Please feel free to e-mail me in the wee hours if you need to.

May God be with you and your family...and most especially your father at this time.