08 May 2006


This could very well be my favorite time of the year, Lilacs are in bloom! For two weeks, maybe, they bloom and fill the air with their lovely aroma. I grew up with lilacs but never paid much attention to them. Then I moved to Rochester and next to Highland Park. Every year they would hold the Lilac festival showcasing the hundreds of lilacs in the park.

Cities need more public parks. There is something truly rejuvenating, refreshing and recreating about beautiful public spaces. I would go over to the park for lunch, take pictures or just muse.

Here are the kids in the Dafodils.

At the library the other day I picked up Horticulture Magazine and stumbled upon a note for the Arnold Arboretum Lilac Sunday. We are going to be away for Lilac Sunday, Mother's Day, but my gut told me that the Lilacs would already be in bloom. So Friday we journeyed up to Jamacia Plain, MA to see the place for ourselves.

Another wonderful park.

As expected the Lilacs were in full bloom. Here is my favorite, the Cheyenne.

As we meandered amongst the lilacs we stumbled upon Syringa Reticulata a monstrous Lilac fromm Japanese seed planted in 1876.

Imagine a Lilac planted right after the Civil War is still going strong! The Lilac is the one in the center of the picture, the wife, the girl and the boy are in front of it for perspective. It is the latest blooming lilac, hope to go back and see what flora it presents.

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