05 April 2012

More This than That

Holy Week as a freelance preacher is a little bizarre.  I have spent the week grading 7/8 year olds for baseball, volunteering at #3's kindergarten class, constructing a portable dressing room, and finalizing how the family and I will celebrate Easter.

1.  Baseball.  Today being the official opening day of MLB I am quite excited; I may even bring the television out of the closet for this.  Grading for 7/8 league is over, around 200 boys.  The kids get four pitches to hit, then they run to 2nd base, field three ground balls, and one pop fly - that's it.  Not a whole lot to form an opinion but enough.  I can't wait for the season to start.  Little man is playing also, but I am only an assistant for his team (I do know other dads who coach two teams, but that is too much for me at this time).

2.  Volunteering.  Yesterday #3's K class had holiday centers for which I volunteered.  I arrived in the K room a few moments early and chatted with some of the other parents.  One day introduced himself as the parent of X.  I said I was the #3's parent to which he responded, "You're the Jameson guy.  That was great."  Reader, you may recall my Leprechaun trap a few weeks ago.  #3's teacher also loved the trap, the missus showed her a picture of it on her phone one day before school.  The teacher asked for me to email her the picture of the trap, which I did.  The teacher then included the picture in the weekly K newsletter!  With the caption (This was a parent's trap, it was not sent into school).  I was almost as happy as when my first guest column appeared in The Times-Picayune.

3.  The portable dressing room.  The missus has been designing and creating more clothes than bags/totes and she needs to have a dressing room for ladies to try her creations on.  So we came up with a design made out of PVC pipe.  I will post a picture later when it is finished and the curtain is installed.  I am employing the help of my progeny on this one, I am sure they will want to commandeer the changing room as some kind of fort or secret palace.

4.  Holy Week preparations.  I cant explain how unmooring it is not to have an Easter message for this season.  We, the family, are figuring out what to do for Holy Week.  Tonight I will probably take the kids to the Rice vs Tulane game, tomorrow we are going to an outdoor social justice themed Stations of the Cross and then to a friends house for a Seder.  Saturday is the Freret St. Festival (not exactly Holy Saturday kind of affair but there will be a women's roller derby exhibition meet).  Easter.  I may sneak and take the family to a Catholic service in the neighborhood - a friend of ours is a musician there (but the kids may protest since they will not be able to take communion - this is what going to a Catholic school for one year will do to young Protestants.  For them it is not a theological issue as much as a fairness issue).  Then we are off to the French Quarter for the Chris Owens parade.  And then Easter dinner with friends.

4a.  Chris Owens.  Yesterday I went to my barber for a trim.  He asked what I was doing for Easter.  I mentioned dinner first which led to a short discussion on meatballs (I told you this guy was the real deal).  Next I mentioned the Chris Owens parade.  The barber stopped for a moment, got a big smile on his face and talked about Chris Owens' legs for the next twenty minutes.  All I wanted was a trim, which I got, but never with the kind of exactness as yesterday; he even trimmed by eyebrows! which of course did not need trimming, in fact I don't know even why he did that!  I suppose he was enjoying talking about Chris Owens so much he did not want to end our conversation.

5.  Finally.  I am a facebook "liker" of Virginia-Highland Church (a UCC and Baptist congregation) in Atlanta.  The pastor there Rev. Michael Piazza is a trusted colleague.  I appreciate his work as one who has and is continuing to revitalize progressive Protestantism.  Yesterday on facebook his church posted a picture of their Easter banner.  I offer a picture of it as one the greatest Easter banners in Baptist history, "Mimosas for the adults."

I shared this picture on facebook and have enjoyed the responses from friends.  My favorite thus far, "Finally something for the adults! And we don't even have to search for it."

6.  Furthermore.  Today is Maundy Thursday, the day when Jesus issues his new commandment to love one another.  A few months ago I ran across this Allen Toussaint song (Hello, My Lover) sung by Boz Scaggs.  I couldn't help but re-imagine a line from this as a perfect Maundy Thursday line, 

"I'm gonna teach a brand new policy
I'm gonna teach you a lesson in loveology"

Readers, if you observe the day have a blessed Easter and may it be full of Resurrection.  

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