14 March 2013

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

[a repost from last year]

I love this time of year.  Spring is in the air, Ireland's finest exports are poured for everyone, the world's greatest music is played, and people seem to appreciate my knack for finding four leaf clovers.  (I've even contemplated putting this skill down onto my resume).

I love this time of year primarily because of the visits by that mischievous leprechaun that sneaks into our house and causes mass confusion on the morning of St. Patrick's Day! We started this tradition about while in RI on a whim.  Now it is a full blown affair at our house.  The kids love, and...Mom and Dad love it.

I'm not sure what mayhem the little dude will gift us this year but I am sure it will be good.  If you have not planned your visit from the leprechaun do not worry there is still time.

Emergency kit details: green dye (put a few drops in your milk and a few drops in the toilet).  Rearrange the furniture in a haphazard fashion, sprinkle gold dust (glitter) here and there and if you have a pint that you do not mind opening go ahead and do that as well.  And remember, you must have window or door slightly ajar for the leprechaun to escape (make sure you put some glitter there as well).  One year we put a teddy bear in the high chair, and hung clothes from the ceiling fan, turned the chairs around you get the picture - the more tom foolery the better!

If your kids are little this may scare them - but once the initial fright passes over they will get a little fired up and will find mischievous acts that you didn't even know the leprechaun did.  And more important they will be determined to catch the little rascal next year!

This year one of #3's homework assignments was to build a leprechaun trap.  He made a fine rendition of the old box and stick trap.  He wrote on the sides "Do not worry, nothing will happen" and "All Leprechauns Welcomed."  He put a gold nugget by the stick - oh yeah, the leprechaun that visits our house always leaves a golden nugget or two - spray paint a rock gold, then dab glue here and there on it then sprinkle gold glitter on it - taped the nugget to the stick so when the leprechaun tries to take back his golden nugget he will be trapped!

I couldn't help but get into the fun of this assignment.  I too made my own trap, but #3 was not allowed to take it to school.

I think Raymond would have loved this.  

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Linda said...

I want to come to your house on the big day!