16 April 2012

Sermon: Surprised by Peace

This past Sunday I had the pleasure of preaching; it was in a non-UU church so no one left when I read from the gospel.  You will notice that I stop in the middle of reading the gospel lesson to underscore the difficulty of reading John.  As I was reading the organist's hand slipped and hit an errant note.  The note hit right when I read "for fear of the Jews" and reminded me that silence when reading John is not acceptable.  A few months ago a rabbi friend of mine attended a Christian service which contained a lesson from John's gospel.  The lesson had one of the damaging quotes towards "the Jews" and no one bothered to provide context or sought understanding.  So every time I read from John I always hear my friend's remarks concerning John.

The sermon is a little different than others.  Why?  I found myself thinking on my feet more.  Even though I had a text in front of me I veered away from it a few times.

Hope you enjoy.

Surprised by Peace  or if you are not in mood to navigate away, here is a nice little widget to assist your listening pleasure.

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