11 April 2012

Looking for Something

If you were to gaze over to the right hand side of this blog and then scroll down a bit you would notice a list titled "The All Time Greatest Hits."  Blogger, via Google, has complied my posts which have generated the most hits over the course of this blog.

Reader, I have been blogging since 2005, a full 7 years, there have been some great posts, sermons, ideas, and pictures generated by this author -IMHO of course.  But if you look on the list you will notice that my #1 all time post is...a sarcastic article on dressy sweatpants.  I cannot get over how many times people have found my blog searching for dressy sweat pants!

Seekers find this blog for other top reasons, some practical, i.e Toddler Hemorrhoids, or some pragmatic, Sermon on Matthew 25 (usually on a Saturday night!).  But there someone found my blog today that left me speechless.  Someone in North Carolina placed the following words in the search engine, "audio sermons my old fashioned mother"  Go ahead and do it yourself, or allow me. I'll be damned if I'm not the Fourth one down!  How in the world did my blog end up two down from The Meanest Mother in the World and barely behind Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Audio Sermons?  It baffles my mind!

But then again I did like it that someone from Australia found my blog by typing, Funky Mission Statements.  I tried but I still didn't emerge by page 30.   I wonder if Independent Fundamentalists Baptist Audio Sermons has a funky mission statement?

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