29 March 2012

Telling Time: The Signs of Spring

In January the missus and I put our tv in a closet.  It has been an interesting change in our lives.  It was fine in Winter but now that it is Spring I don't know.  I don't know if I can not watch at least a round of the Masters or MLB games, and what about Baseball Tonight?  I'm sure I'll get by.  Sports, more so than agriculture, have become the demarcation of seasons.  Because it is always Spring in New Orleans, flora is always in bloom, all the plants are evergreen!  So sports tell time.  I knew it was Spring because of the all The Master's commercials, the emergence of Baseball Tonight, and all of those college basketball games.  This weekend baseball begins, it is officially Spring.  In preparation, yesterday, I took the boys to barber shop for baseball haircuts: buzz cuts.

I love taking the boys for buzz cuts.  When I watch them in the chair I am immediately taken back to my first buzz cut: Roy's barber shop.  It was located right beside the railroad tracks.  I loved sitting in that chair and watching the coal trains trundle by.  I hope I am instilling the same kind of memories with them.  

When I first moved to NOLA I thought, well this is a big move in my life and I probably need to get a real haircut.  So I tried the hipster place down on Magazine, the place that gives you a complimentary drink - a shot of Jameson or a glass of Abita - have you ever tried to have a drink while you are getting a haircut?  Don't.  Plus the barber didn't even know how to tie his bow tie, so I didn't go back.  I next tried a genuine saloon, but that was a disaster!  I'll always be a barber shop guy, I hope they will be too.

Yesterday marked a major milestone in the time of buzz cuts: they were super excited (last time the barber gave them a tory car) and...and when they arrived home, Mom did not cry!   Enjoy the Before and After pics.  

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