23 March 2012

Your Weekend Is Taken Care of

Take a deep breath and say thanks for I am about to plan your weekend for you.

Tomorrow and Sunday you are encouraged to scoot on down to Louis Armstrong Park for the Congo Square New Rhythms Festival.  Why?  Because of the great music? Yes.  Because of the food?  Yes.  But even more!  The missus will be there selling her latest designs!!!  If you haven't liked her on facebook, now would be a great time.

There is your Saturday.  Now Sunday, usually a rest day, is a real whizbanger - a twofor.  Sunday morning start your day at 10:30 (this is New Orleans after all) with an engaging reflection centered on the legacy of Ralph Waldo Emerson: the creative tension between the mystical wanderings of the soul and the need for anchored community.  This reflection/sermon will be delivered by none other than yours truly at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of New Orleans.  After this, hop into your vehicle of choice and head back down Congo Square!


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