14 March 2012

Social Media Hype

As I prepared to preach last Sunday I used the tools of twitter and facebook to hype up the occasion, in jest of course.  Yesterday someone asked if I would include them together on the blog.  In order as they appeared.  You may want to sit down while you read these, the intensity is pretty severe.

-well it's monday and most of you are already fretting about where you are going to worship on Sunday and on top of that you are anxious about if you will ever get the chance to hear Travis Norvell preach -- well comfort's comin' This Sunday I'll be the guest preacher at Parker Memorial United Methodist Church (1130 Nashville Avenue) at 11:00am. Sermon: The Spirituality of Imperfection. This an intimate venue, I would suggest getting there at least a half hour before the service begins to assure seating.

-i just returned from outside Parker Meth. and told those camping out that really there was no need, there will be plenty of room come Sunday. it appears that someone leaked that I would be preaching there this Sunday. folks enjoy your Friday night and Saturday - I'll rope off a pew (just message me).

-i just received word from one of the lay leader at Parker Meth. stating that they are making available a limited amount of rush seating for the service this morning. so if you woke up late and dont have enough time to get in line, dont worry there will be room. this is a casual place so if you come with bedhead it'll be ok, coffee breath however will be frowned upon. 11:00am 1130 Nashville Ave. Sermon: The Spirituality of Imperfection.

-It seems scores of you attempted to get into the church yesterday morning only to walk away once you arrived at the door. Yes, there was a line at the door but those present were signing in. Most of you presumed the remaining space was standing room only. Most of you hoped that I would post at the least a textual version of the sermon this morning. You were correct and I'm even sweetening the pot with a link to an audio version as well! all of this and more can be found at theobilly.

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