26 March 2009

Wanted: Spring

The other morning the weather (in the 20s) made #1 so furious she grabbed her crayons, a piece of paper and went to work producing this poster:I cannot say that I blame her. I too am a bit tired of my water bottle that I leave in the car after running being frozen every morning. And I am a bit tired of the still present mounds of ice-snow in parking lots (the salt preserves them for a good spell).Spring is coming though. The kids, the VOR and I have been out in the yard passing baseball, the lilacs are budding, the rhubarb is emerging, and the ground is thawed and muddy.

In other news the VOR and I volunteer in #2's class every Monday (on a rotating basis). When one of us enters the school we have to sign in. Normally they have the standard Bic pen for the sign in folder. This week, however, nothing could have prepared me for the writing instrument that awaited me.

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