23 March 2009

Come Round Right

Some more garden news.

1. I once heard that gardeners are not actively gardening unless they are out in the yard killing plants, i.e. trying to grow plants in regions that they are not supposed to grow. This year I decided to take a more aggressive approach to my garden. About four years ago I started some leeks from seeds. I let a few go to seed just to see what would happen. What happened? Every year a clump of leeks grow next to my rhubarb, every year i mow over the leeks and think I ought to do something about them. This weekend I dug up the clump, divided them and replanted them. Have you ever noticed a patch of wild onions growing in your yard? You know, you mow over them and smell the pungent aroma of onions. Yesterday I dug a clump of them up, separated the bulbs, and replanted them to see if they would mature. If they all die, no big deal.

2. We celebrated St. Patrick's day by planting Thomas Laxton peas, a pleasantly sweet pea. Although I imagine they would make an excellent edition to a salad, they never make it inside. Usually me and #1 sit at the vine, pick, shell, and eat.

3. This weekend the groundhog was spotted. My question: how in the dickens did she emerge larger than when she went in her hole for hibernation? She just had to show herself as I planned the Spring garden, smart aleck.

4. More on the White House garden. My big question: Where are the tomatoes? In the garden designs there are no tomatoes! This should be more of an outrage than the AIG bonuses.

5. BIttman also had a great piece on organic food (I call it a great piece because I have been saying the same thing for the past few years).

6. While on the topic of newspapers. Yesterday I went to the convenience store to pick up a newspaper. Get this, Providence Journal: $3.00, Boston Globe: $2.50. I could not believe it.

7. Finally, my nephew is doing great. He begins physical therapy this week. He has a long way to go towards full recovery but he is well on his way. Your prayers, kind words, and thoughts are deeply appreciated.

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