07 March 2009

Ups and Downs

Today it was nearly 60 here in New England. (Still snow on the ground but most of it melted). #2 had a soccer game, #1 learned the butterfly stroke, and by the time lunch came I was singing Walking on Sunshine.

After lunch it was a different story. First Marshall lost to UAB meaning no winning record for the season and in conference. But the real kicker was the bees. I knew the bees did not make it through the winter, but I was hopeful. I pulled the top off the hive box and no movement, then I opened up the big boxes (not the supers) and peered in only four were alive (no queen, just workers). The bad news kept coming, the hive just didn't die due to starvation or extreme cold; they died because of a disease. Only one thing to do: burn the hive. I started a small fire in the backyard and burned the hive. If I were to leave the hive as is then more than likely some bees from hives (honey bees fly roughly two miles in all directions from the hive) in the town would come and rob my hive and carry the disease back to their hive and infect it. I knew pine, wax, and honey would burn hot and fast but not as hot and as fast as it did. After I watched the hive go up in flames I wasn't singing Katrina and the Waves, nope, I was singing Standin' Around Crying

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