01 March 2009

Jumping to Conclusions

Yesterday morning while I sipped on a cup of coffee a notice appeared on my facebook account alerting me that someone had reported me for violations of the Terms of Agreements for facebook. Usually I would have laughed at this blatant spam attack, ignored it, and moved along. However, the alert indicated which "friend" had supposedly reported me. My initial reaction was, "now why would she go and turn me in for something?" You see, I could very easily see this person taking the terms and agreement policy of Facebook with the upmost seriousness to the extent that she would take it upon herself to be the facebook police. (Not that I did anything wrong.)

Naturally I opened the report and instantly from my facebook account the same message went out to all of my "friends" stating I had turned them in for violation of the Terms of Agreement Policy of Facebook. I quickly placed a status update informing all of the hoax, but it was too late.

My reaction to the person whose account sent me the alert caused me to check it out, because I could easily see her "turning me in" along with vast number of other folk. But what would be the reaction of my friends who thought that I turned them in? Most laughed it off. But some were quite worried. One friend actually deleted his facebook account rather than think he had done something wrong. (Luckily this person realized the hoax, reported the spam to the proper facebook authorities, and is now back on facebook).

Facebook adventures continue...

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