13 March 2009

A Request for Prayer

If you are a praying person I ask that you pray for my 9 year old nephew Jacob. If you are not a praying person could you direct some good thoughts Jacob's way. Thanks

Last night my sister sent this email:

I've been up since 3:30. Can't sleep and can't quit talking to God. My thoughts are not very clear but something has drawn me to send this to everyone on my email list.

Please pray for Jacob for this morning. We are meeting with a pediatric neurosurgeon this morning at 10:00 in Huntington. There is a tumor near the base of Jacob's spine. There is also fluid at the top, which has caused spaces in between his spine which is causing the curving. This is a very rare type of cancer. It is hard to detect. We found it on-line last night. Some of the symptoms for this are stomach pain, constipation, low muscle tone. He possibly has had this since birth. Jeff also read some where that it hides and that is why nothing has shown up in his blood work.

I don't know what God has in store for us.

I do know that God can heal him and I have complete faith in Him that He will take care of us. I can take anything that is thrown at us as long as I know that my little boy is going to be okay.

There is so much strength in numbers - PLEASE PRAY for us.

Please pray that God leads us to the right doctors who can help Jacob. Pray that Jacob has the courage and the strength for the future. He is so scared. He hates all the needles and the tests. He has been through so much this week. His little body is so frail.

Last night when I tucked Jacob into bed - he hugged me and said "thanks mommy for helping me to get better". The only thing that we have told Jacob is that there are some bad sick germs trapped in his spine and we have to find a way to get them out. When we do, his stomach and his legs will not hurt anymore.

Your prayers are working!!!!!!!!!!!! Jacob has had two great nights of sleep. He has not had uninterrupted sleep in weeks.

We all know that Jacob can be a little twrip!!! As frustrated as he makes me, I couldn't image one second without him in my life. His smile lights up the room and his unacceptable behavior always brings a hidden laugh (and embarrassment) that only Jeff and I can understand. He is so tried of the doctors and tired of us TALKING to doctors. Yesterday he shouted at the oncologist "Hey Dude, stop talking!" and then kicked him and flicked him in the face.

Thanks for your prayers and PLEASE DON'T STOP!!!!!!!

Now my sister and her family are trying to discern where to take Jacob and the best avenue(s) for treatment.



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Ron's Thots said...

Our thoughts will be with Jacob and his family at this time. There is always a very dark road to travel when illness is found with a child or young family member.