04 January 2007

Funeral Plans

Over the past few days most of America watched the funeral(s) of former president Gerald Ford. I couldn't help but think how hard the days must have been on the Ford family. I can't imagine having to attend and go through four different funeral(s) for a loved one.

Nevertheless, the proceedings have inspired me to go ahead and make my own funeral plans. When I die the plans stand as thus:
There will be a time of celebration at L. R. Baptist. I will then be transported to the Colgate Memorial Chapel at Colgate Rochester Crozier Divinity School. Next my body will flown to the Clarksburg Airport and driven to the Wilcox Chapel at Alderson-Broaddus College. Then i will be driven south to Athens Baptist Church for a service. Next they will take me to First Baptist Church of St. Albans for a Church service then I will be pulled by a Gravely tractor to the Cunningham Cemetary and interred there.

Now, how to pay for this? I hope that by the time I die I will have been the pastor of a fairly large and well -to-do church that will foot the bill, or the profits from my dressy sweat pants will ensure the proceedings.

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