31 January 2007


It has been a few days since the last post and lots has happened. A death and funeral, a new MacBook, an Ipod, a mic for the Ipod and today V-Day. The wife came up with the title of the day. Today I had the surgery that is the human equivalent of being put out to pasture.

The surgery went well, it was quick and only semi-painful. After the doc was finished he peeped around the sheet and said all done, take it easy for a couple of days. I said oh dont worry doctor I plan to milk this as much as I can (I'm not really).

So the vas deferens were cut then fused together - thus sealing my reproductivity. When I first went to the doc's office for a consultation the doctor performed an examination. Once I got home I demanded a five feet cone of peace around me for at least two days. The wife asked why, I said that the doctor violated me. But as I left the office the receptionist handed me a sheet of paper that listed the reason for my visit, she checked off: Hyperfertility.

Couch potato for a couple of days...

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