10 January 2007

Gearing Up for 2007

I am trying to get a nice push in reading during January in order to beef up for Lent and a sermon series on the Seven Deadly Sins. I was toying with the Fruits of the Spirit or the Temptations of Jesus. But I decided on the 7 Sins. I am totally ripping this idea off of another ABC preacher, she did it last year. I have checked out the Seven Deadly Sins Series and am going up to ANTS tomorrow for some more resources.

I am also shovelling a bunch of stewardship books in the hope of improving the funding of ministry at the church. On the list are: How to Develop a Tithing Church by Charlie Shedd (this is a great book), Beyond the Collection Plate and Creating Congregation of Generous People (excellent prices at cokesbury.com) both by Michael Durall. I have heard him speak a couple of times, some good ideas emanatinig from this dude - who happens to be a UU.

Our giving for 2007 is on a great track, very impressed and pleased. But we need to a better unifying job on how we give, why we give and what we are funding.

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