30 December 2006

Christmas Catch-up

On Christmas morning around 4:00am we headed down to TF Green Airport to spend time in WV for the holidays. The trip went well.

Now a list of things that broke while I used them or other unlucky events:

My mother's blazer overheated and had to be towed (luckily it was just a busted hose).
My mother's computer tower just shut down a few moments after I hooked it up.

My mother's tooth cracked while she ate my undercooked Chicken Parmigiana (I recommend you cook the cutlets on the stovetop a little longer - luckily the semi-raw chicken was spotted by the wife and thus saved everyone from a day or two of tormet. After spotting the problem the wife took everyone's plates - the nephew and mother-in-law were upset that we took their plates, they were hungry)

The daughter's pink Barbie suitcase was lost, eventually delivered later that night at the house.

It was a good trip, odd without dad.

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Tripp Hudgins said...

Nice collection of alcohol stuffs!