21 December 2006

Take that!

Fantastic article in the Times this morning affirming my life as a messhead.

I finished up the order for our Lessons and Carols Service. While looking at the King's College web page I noticed that they also do a Carols at King's service which is made specifically for television. it is shorter and only has six lessons which vary each year the format allows for a more flexible and creative service, so I went with it.

Today is Roger's 402nd birthday, Roger Williams that is.

Homemade beef barley soup for dinner , made with leftover roast. Good ingredients make great meals.

Thank Heavens the late Fall PBS pledge drives are over, now I can watch tv again! No more Celtic Women, some lowlander who directs a choir, James Taylor tributes or the like!

Yesterday I was sick. I stayed on the couch for the day and toughed it out, no doubt the ordinary man would have been in the hospital with iv's, specialists and nurses. (the wife begs to differ) About 2:00 AM my sickness "broke." Today I woke up feeling weak but better. I ate breakfast and went to work. At work something happened: I for the first time in months felt like reading. I dont know what happened, but I'm glad it did.

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TheoOnTapintheBurg said...

Happy reading, my friend!

Enjoy your creative mess too!