05 December 2006

Leo the Great

Sometime early this morning Mrs. Theobilly's father Leo Harding White died.

He was a great father-in-law, he will be greatly missed.

When I told the kids, #1 & #2, #1 said I now have zero grandpas. Her words broke my heart. I know it was rough for me losing dad just like it will be for Lori, but for our kids to lose both grandfathers in less than four months has to another level.

Our prayers are with you Leo.

Viewing will be Thursday, funeral Friday.

#1 & #2 and I will be boarding a plane tomorrow morning and heading for WV and will be back in time for the Second Sunday of Advent.

My count has 25 days for this year. Come 2007, Come 2007 cant take much more of this.


TheoOnTapintheBurg said...

So sorry. My heart breaks for you all.

There really aren't words.....

Tripp Hudgins said...

Come quickly, Lord Jesus.