01 December 2006

Homelitcal Corner

A couple of years ago I sat with two Lutherans pastors and an Episcopalian preist at a BBQ joint in Atlanta discussing our main differences in our faith traditions. One of the two Lutherans posed the question: where is incarnation in your theology? It was and is a great question, even for a Lutheran.

Fast forward to yesterday afternoon. I was sitting in my office writing my sermon (I always try to write them on Thursdays on yellow legal paper with a triangular No. 2 pencil) on the Lukan lectionary text. I got to the end with the terrible sinking feeling that I couldnt quite but a finger on. I had written a jesus coming back sermon that came across as quite dualistic. Frustrated I gave up and sat down to read some book reviews in Christian Century. In one review the reviewer mentioned the need for incarnational theology to overcome dualism. My Aha Moment.

Where is the incarnation in my theology? Better for yesterday: where is the incarnation in my sermon? Incarnation, that is exactly what my sermon needed. Now back to the sermon table for some more work, probably not till tonight. The First Lady of LRBC went to WV with #3 to be with her dad. Her dad is doing better, gaining some strength back and speech. He has a temporary feeding tube, in a couple of days they will check his swallowing muscles to see how they are doing. Prayers for Leo are appreciated. I'm here at the house for the weekend with #1 and #2, it promises to be a fun and interesting time.

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TheoOnTapintheBurg said...

Thinking of you and the fam. Thanks for keeping us updated.

We probably all need to be reminded of the incarnation...especially this time of year when we are supposed to be thinking about it. Why is that...

Glad something came along to spark the sermon writing so quickly. I hate when it is Saturday night and you still can't figure out what is wrong..ugh...