19 September 2006

Reason for Jetblog

I wrote a couple weeks ago about the sale of the 1996 Ranger, it was indeed a sad day. The sale of that vehicle meant that I had to arrange for a trip back to WV to pick up my dad's old truck. So I happily purchased a $50 Southwest one way to Pittsburg, rented a car, and headed south on I-79. I made it back to mom's, loaded up the truck and headed back home. I hoped to make to RI in one day.

But I was tired! I made it to Harriburg to see Chad and Kelly with the hope of grabbing a bite to eat and then heading back on the interstate. I parked a couple of blocks away and walked down the street with Clarence in my arms. I knocked on their door with Clarence leaning in the door. This is Clarence:He was killed by my grandpa and stuffed by my great uncle.
Clarence always hung over my grandpa's desk, I thought it would make a nice addition to the office, nothing like a stuffed dear head to open you up to the presence of God.

The head phased Chad, but not by much, he is a PhD student afterall. Kelly suggested we eat at Cafe Fresco, nice place. We talked and talked and talked, went home, talked some more then retired to our beds. I love those two, great evening of catching up and hanging out with each other. The next morning I woke up early and headed out. I stopped by again at the Hershey Pantry to pick up some more of those muffins. (I was able to snap this shot shortly after I arrived in RI, I knew it would last in this state for long.)

I finally arrived back in RI. The family and the church hung in there while i was gone. The truck I picked up, a 1999 Toyota Tacoma with 200,000 miles.Dad did plenty of work on it. The truck runs great and doesn't look too bad. Dad never would buy a furein but once he drove a Toyota, worked on one, he was sold. He said he would never buy a GMC again after his conversion.

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