27 September 2006

The "New" Sound of Johnny Cash

On Sunday a parishoner loaned me some country musis lps for my listening pleasure. One of records was The Sound of Johnny Cash, a Columbia Records recording that has yet to be released on cd (I doubt it will be, the Legacy recordings seem to be wrapped up).

The LP has significant resonance due to original recording of Delia's Gone. You may recall that Delia's Gone was the first single released from Unchained, the first American Recording session produced by Ric Rubin.

The original recording seems brighter than the Unchained version. It is isn't happy by no stretch of the imagination but not as dark and forceful.

side a
Lost on the Desert
Accidentally on Purpose
In the Jailhouse Now
Mr. Lonesome
You Won't Have to Go Far
In them Cottonfields Back Home

side b
Delia's Gone
I Forgot More than You'll Ever Know
You Remember Me
I'm Free from the Chain Gang Now
Let Me Down Easy
Sing it Pretty Sue

Over the course of two years I put together a rag tag stereo for under $15. A Pioneer Receiver for $3 at a church yard sale, a Fisher MT-640 turntable for $3 at another church yard sale, a free pair of bose speakers, and an old portable cd player that was a gift back in '96, for that I purchased a plug that goes from the headphone jack to the receiver. it aint the best, but works well in the office. I enjoy listening to vinyl, many selections I have are only on vinyl.

This afternoon I hope to listen to America Is Hard to Find by Daniel Berrigan and a rock mass by John Hostetter, Allan Sorwall, and David Turner.

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