07 September 2006

Over and Out Good Buddy

This morning at approximately 8:20 I sold my 1996 Ford Ranger. After dad died mom gave me his truck, a 1999 Toyota Tacoma, with the precondition that whatever I sell my Ranger for would go towards pop's funeral costs. No problemo.

When I graduated from college my great aunt gave me a few bucks to put toward the purchase of a new vehicle. I decided on the 1996 Ford Ranger XLT, 2WD 4 cylinder. The crummy salesman scrambled all over the place when i showed him my $400 graduation credit Ford passed out. He got me though, paint hardner. Oh well, I was 21 and didnt know anything.

After all that I drove it home, while going up the hill to my house, I swerved off the road to avoid an oncoming truck. I went off the road and hit a chunck of vertical driveway - bending the aluminum wheel and popping the tire.

Other than that the truck never gave me any problems. Changed oil, fluids, filters regular, tires once and brakes once, only had to put power brake lines on.

So long good buddy. You were a great truck. I'll miss ya.

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