30 December 2005

Where do they get these people?

If you click on this link you will find an article from the NYTimes on infants co-sleeping with their parents. I am in full support of co-sleeping, both of our kids slept with us and still do some times. Our kids were breastfed, it was a heck of whole lot easier to let them co-sleep with us rather than get up and nurse the child several times a night.

My dig at the NYT article is the the faces of the parents interviewed. They are too happy!! Like I said I am all for co-sleeping but no parent I know wakes up all bright-eyes, bushy-tailed and smiling after a night of a 15lb menance kicking you in the face, forcing you to sleep with a quarter of your body hanging off the edge of the bed, and frequent frights that you have rolled over and flattened the child.

The Times should have had a picture of someone like me who wakes up praying for just 15 minutes of sleep all by my lonesome, grumpy, messed up hair and a face begging for some high test coffee. Where is the accuracy in reporting NYTimes?

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