30 December 2005

Supreme Vegetable Oddity

Last year, Fall 2004, I was picking the last crop of carrots, Touchon a French hierloom to be exact, when I pulled this out.

At first I dropped it, thinking what did I pull out of the ground.

I thought about sending it to Letterman as an example of the world's first vegetable p*rn, but changed my mind. I have had a year to think about the implications of such a specimen and have not yet come to any conclusions.

I emailed this widely after taking the shot. Reactions were all over the map: why was it wet? why was it on a towel? did I really pull that out of my garden? Dan Champion said he would need to bathe in a tub of penicillin after looking at it.

Lemme know your reactions to such a specimen.

1 comment:

Mrs. Popping Culture said...

I'm not just saying this because he was my husband and all, but I have to agree with Dan. I feel kind of icky right now.