30 December 2005


My Top Ten Resolutions for 2006

1. Start seeds on time this Spring.
2. Weed the beds.
3. Spend more time hiking with the kids.
4. Concentrate on family and friend relations.
5. Pray more rather than admire prayer.
6. Write a Rule for life.
7. Purchase chickens or a dog or both.

I'll come up with some more later.

112. Irritate Tari more.

234. Rent Andy Griffin episodes.

Last one. Don't hold back at the Kids vs. Adults Kick Ball Game at Church this Spring.

1 comment:

Mrs. Popping Culture said...

#5 is on my list, too. I would say I don't pray enough out of laziness but how much effort does it take to pray? I'll have to remember to ask about this in therapy next week.