08 February 2013

Updates Galore

First, A couple of weeks ago it became official: we are now co-homeowners with the bank, when the missus and I signed away the next 30 years of our lives.  It is an amazing feeling to experience to be settled in a home.  For the past 17 years we have lived either in parsonages or rentals, no more.

What is the neighborhood like?  Everyone seems quite nice, but they are little too judicious with their snow removal!  I can't wait to start messing with them this summer.  I so wish I had kept my Gravely Tractors, oh the fun I could have with my 40 foot wide lot.  I would the Frank of southwest Minneapolis.

Second, reading.  I finally feel relaxed enough to start reading again, that's all I'm gonna say about that. So far, 6 books for the new year.  If I can keep this pace up I'll be on track for 60 this year.  I hope to read the entire Brother Cadfael series, in sequence.  We have yet to hook up our television and may not ever.  Amazing how much reading you get done without the presence of a tv.  Plus living in the third most literate city, I had better get my reading gloves (see note 5) on and get to it.

Third, while I'm on the topic of reading...One of my interest areas is preaching books.  I am amazed that teachers of preaching suggest that preachers NOT read books of sermons from other preachers.  Amazing because no other craft suggests this.  All writers say you become a better writer by reading.  So why would writers of sermons not read other great sermons?

Fourth, the demise of facebook.  It just doesn't do it for me anymore.  For Lent I'll go offline and maybe even finally deactivate my account.  I know it is a good tool for getting to know people but I feel it is distancing also.

Fifth, The Cold.  There is no way around it, it is cold up here!  So cold I wear a cap to sleep in and reading gloves at night!  That's right reading gloves! - a Material Girl invention.

Sixth, avoiding Mardi Gras.  We planned to be there this year but we purchased a house.  2014, for sure.  So we are doing what we can to act like it is not going on, not an easy task.  Thanks to friends who continue to post pictures, videos, and texts.  (the only thing redeeming social media right now)  Today we are taking King Cake into the school for the kiddos.  I am seriously thinking of protesting on Tuesday by wearing sandwich board that reads, Today It Is Not Just Another Tuesday, IT IS MARDI GRAS! Act Like It People, posting myself on the widest portion of neutral ground I can find, with a lawn chair, a six pack of Abita, WWOZ live streaming, and throwing beads to whoever smiles, honks or waves.  Alright I'm doing it, look for me on the corner of Chicago and 50th.  Over and over again I'll quote AJ Muste, I'm doing this not to change the world but so the world doesn't change me.  It wont be, it can't be, just another Tuesday!

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