17 February 2013

Embracing the Cold

I doubt people would believe me that one of the reasons I was so eager to Minnesota is because of the cold (and apples, but that is another post).  But it is true, I love cold weather.  But I've never been in this kind of cold, (neither Rochester, NY nor Rhode Island seemed this cold) the kind that looks like it will be around for another month and a half.  I only ask that the lilacs will be in bloom in mid-May and I'm good.  

As part of my Lenten discipline I started growing a beard (actually I started a few weeks ago to give myself a head start).  Now this may seem like this post is going in another direction but just wait a minute.  This morning at church someone asked me if I was growing a beard because of the weather.  I never thought about that, something clicked in my brain to triggering a yes.  Yes, whatever it takes to keep warm I replied.  This was another sign that I am at the right church, they interpret my poor attempt at a beard as an attempt to keep warm.  Man I love these people!  

So I am now growing a beard in my effort to embrace the cold!

Today I took another large step towards embracing the cold by lacing up and going ice skating.  I have never ice skated before; I have only roller skated three times in my life.  But I thought there is a free ice rink and skates within two blocks of my house; winter aint going anywhere, it is time to learn.  I prepped myself by doing what everyone else does before they start something new: I viewed some clips on youtube.  The clips were helpful, kind of.

I laced up the skates and wobbled to the rink.  I stood on the snow for at least 15 minutes before I shoved off on my maiden voyage on the frozen seas.  It was a terrifying experience, I made it back and forth a couple of times and then headed into the warming room. I wanted so bad to yell, I'm Skating but I was sure as soon as I did I would fall and bust my head open.  In my mind I kept the following clip from What About Bob to keep me going.  

The next time you see a slightly bearded near 40 year old wobbling on the ice be sure and whisper a friendly Ahoy there.  Forewarned though, I'll be out there quite a bit the next couple of weeks; I am a quick learner!  

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