15 February 2013

Fast to Feast

This week Christians around the world began the observance of Lent.  I did not grow up observing Lent or even knew what it was all about until probably college, even then my understanding was somewhat limited.  The idea of giving up something, anything, did not appeal to my all-consuming nature.  Slowly the idea began to take root and now I actually look forward to Lent.  I like the challenge of breaking old habits and forming new healthy ones.  I like the idea of balance, there is a time to feast and there is a time to fast.  If everyday is a feast then it loses its peculiarity. 

This year I have given up facebook in order to aid my grand challenge to be more present with my new family in Minneapolis.  I also gave up sweets.  Part of my challenge that includes both of these goals is my Pearson's Lenten Challenge. 

Several weeks ago one of my progeny brought home from school a bag of Pearson's salted nut rolls as some kind of institutional propaganda.  Being a sharing dude he offered the missus and I one.  At my first bite I was like, this is amazing.  Then my mind began to wonder, what if they dipped this in dark chocolate.  Then  couple weeks later while perusing the aisles at a local over priced yet extremely convenient grocery store I found the Pearson's Nut Goodie 100th anniversary offering: sea salted carmel, smothered in salted peanuts then covered in milk chocolate.  Oh these are pure evil.  I love them. 

If the search committee had sent me a box of these during the search process...  I cant wait till the State Fair this year to try the deep fried nut goodie! 

On Ash Wednesday (Lent does not officially begin with me until the ashes are on my forehead) I purchased two of the 100th anniversary specials.  I ate one right after dinner but before the service started.  And the other I put away in a secret place to be consumed on Easter morn.  Hopefully my Easter feast will be a little different this year coming off a rewarding fast. 

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