05 February 2012

Watching the Game

The other evening I went to one of those national video rental chain stores to rent a couple of movies for the weekend.  And the next evening as I was en route to an appointment I dropped off the movie.  And as I slipped in the video to drop box slot I noticed a young man, by himself, watching the Celtics game.

Now I have, for sure, stopped to catch the score of a game or two while I perusing the titles but it never occurred to me to plop myself down on the couch to actually watch a game.  The scene of that young man gave me an idea: what if a bunch of people went to blockbuster to watch the super bowl?  what would they do if you brought a box of hot wings and a case of beer?

Last night as I was preparing to checkout I said to the man behind at blockbuster, "Hey man, what's this I hear about on facebook of a bunch of guys coming over here to watch the game?"
"What, nah, watch the game here?  I haven't heard anything like that."
"Yeah man, it is all over facebook"
"Well, next door at the wing place sometimes on game days they will sit up outside, but not here at blockbuster."
"I saw where some guys were going to bring some beer over and watch the game."
-editorial insight: this did it for the gentleman.
"Well, that's just crazy you cant have beer in here."

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