25 February 2012

The Door

A few days ago the sliding door to the "kid's bathroom" finally crashed which began a discussion on what to do next: Do we put up a new door or just put up a sturdy curtain? We decided on the curtain.

Today I went to the hardware store to find an appropriately sized tension rod.  Immediately a nice man saw the dilemma on my face and led me to the right department.  He had some bad news: Unfortunately, all of the heavy duty tension rods begin at 33 inches while our door is a measly 29.5 inches.  I looked at the worker at the hardware store and said well there's only one thing to do - I guess I'll have to widen the door.  The worker did not realize I was being a wise guy, began pleading with me not to do that.  I relented and said well if you say so I'll just buy one of the smaller light duty tension rods.

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